Buganda Cultural Festival Flyer

Buganda Cultural Exhibition Leaflet

In November 2015, it’s time for the Buganda Cultural Festival and Inauguration of the Office of Kabaka’s representative in Manchester, United Kingdom. Mr. Enock Kiyaga gave us an opportunity to design the leaflet for the event promotion.

We did it with All our mighty, ideas were generated from all corners of the Buganda cultural and we came up with this flyer. Featuring the Kabaka on its front and a number of cultural ideas in the background. At the bottom we incorporated in the bark cloth texture, the original Buganda clothing material and up to this time remains of great importance in performing many cultural activities. With all that and using the Buganda colors, we saw the Buganda Cultural Festival.

Thanks for the opportunity Mr. Enock Kiyaga. Awangaale Ayi Ssabasajja.