Whether naming a company, or branding a corporate division, the right brand identity makes all the difference. From the initial name development to the matching web site and collateral design, Gagawala will work with you and your team to create a cohesive brand that communicates your message. We craft the strategy that will grow your business or campaign for generations and make it last and impact endlessly.

We do the following:

Company and Product Brand Development: We take a company from scratch and develop it into one that influences its customer’s next habits. We take a product from being another of those products to one that’s a must have.

Brand Design and Implementation: After coming up with the desired brand targets and goals, we go ahead to execute. We don’t simply talk; we walk the talk, one step at a time until we take a brand to its desired destination.

Brand Messaging and Positioning: We segment the market and create a niche where your brand is leader and influencer. We don’t stop at disruption; we make your brand to come, see and conquer its target audience, and build its foundations for generations.

Rebranding: Assuming you have a brand that needs a brand new lease of life or perhaps you have a brand that has failed. We pick up the pieces and rebuild your brand into one that matters. We take it from grass to grace. We give your brand the new face.

Brand Strategy Formulation: We come up with strategies for your brand from scratch, these include how to win over the market, how to position oneself and how to become a niche leader.

Brand Experience Creation: Branding is not about creating logos. Branding is about a business building their customer’s next habit and creating the 360 degrees experience. We thus work on creating brands that create an experience of a life time for the audience.