We highly draw from the elements of Design as outlined by Alex White, author of The Elements of Graphic Design, to achieve visual unity as a main goal of our graphic design. We do this through the core methods of design; Proximity, Similarity, Continuation, Repetition, Rhythm and Altering.

At Gagawala, our Graphic Design is minimalistic, every small thing we do, says much, communicates much and means much. We take a Zen-approach to graphic design by paying attention to the details.

We can’t really call ourselves a Graphic Design company unless we love what we do. Passion is essentially what drives us, and our end goal is to see you satisfied with our services and products. Whether you need a professionally designed custom logo, branding solution, brochures, business cards, flyers, banners or anything else – we have you covered.

Like everything else we do – our main focus is to listen to your vision and bring it to life.  Doesn’t matter how small or big the project – we’re never satisfied until you are!

We custom design all artwork and design pieces specifically for you.  With personal service, professional design and fast turn around times we can get your project done right, and fast.  From start to finish, our experienced staff will work hard to create the design you want.  We don’t stop till you love it.


What Do We Design

We do the basics like logos, cards, brochures, flyers, banners, etc. of course.  Then we also do designs for large banners, billboards, vehicle wraps, custom dye-cut pieces, newspaper & magazine ad spreads, booklets, catalogues and more. We also do rich media and animated web ads.

We are also the Sony when it comes to LOGOS. Creating a Brand Identity, or Logo is an evolutionary process of growing a logo idea into an end product that achieves the goal of appealing to your ideal target market, as well as gaining your buy-in as the business owner.

As your logo is the identifying mark of your company, it has to visually communicate what you do, and how your customers can benefit from your product or company in one “picture”. It has to convey your professionalism and trustworthiness in that first impression, and with consistent advertising and marketing, it must be the first image your customer will think of when they need your services. Thus when you need a Logo that communicates what you stand for as a brand, then think of Gagawala.