We are a team of creative professionals and experts who make your Web Design, your Print Media and Graphic Design. We offer you a 360 degree approach to branding, by branding you online and through the print media. Our goal is to make your first impression to your clients count.

The first impression matters. In today’s fast paced world, you only have one chance to make the right first impression. Our goal as Gagawala graphics is to make yours count! We are a Web and Graphic Design company. In Summary, Gagawala offers you a three-way route to the success of your brand.

The first way is by doing your Marketing and we do this through Graphic Design, Branding and Advertisement Design.
Secondly, we do your Web Design through Development, Web/Email hosting and Web Management.

Finally, we do your SEO through Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis, Content Generation and Analytics and Reporting.
Thus, Gagawala is a Web and Print Design Company. We give you the online brand and also put the same brand to paper. When it comes to Printing, we are unchallenged, offering the best in crystal clear prints. We offer low-cost options in printing and in all kinds of fashions that you would prefer to have these options. Gagawala provides quality printing from basic black and white copies to full color identity packages. Whether your job is large or small, you will always be treated with the same excellent service that keeps our customers coming back year after year. We offer full color offset and digital printing, high speed copying, design work from inception to production, fast turnaround times as well as pickup and delivery.

At Gagawala, we create and deliver value, and by doing this, we make our clients rich, and this gives us satisfaction and self-actualization. Why the name ‘Gagawala’?
“Gagawala” is a word from the Luganda language to mean; “Get Rich”. We believe, money comes from value, and the first thing that communicates value is one’s brand. Thus, Gagawala in the deeper sense is about creating you a ‘rich’ brand, one that gives out value on the first impression.
We do this by paying special attention to the minute details of our client’s needs. The result of which, are quality, unique and beautiful designs, whether web designs or graphic designs. Since money comes from giving Value, we are great believers in the ideal of value as Gagawala. Our core value is “Value.”

We exist to create value out of your brand and make sure that value is delivered to your audience and target market.

We create you the first impression that counts for your brand in Web and Graphic design. We simplify the complicated idea of your brand into a single visual component that creates amazing and deeply satisfying results.

We intend to be your 360 degree client of choice when it comes to Graphic and Web Design. We want to know as much about you, your business and your market as possible so we can make sure that our designs are spot on and help differentiate your business from your competitors


Meet the team that is dedicated to create your dream experience when it comes to branding, graphic design and web-design.

Francisco R. Kyambadde (The Company CEO)

Kyambadde brings with him seven years of experience in Graphic Design and Printing, Several Certificates and Awards in using Multimedia Applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign. He’s been described as the “Steve Jobs” of design owing to his obsession and passion for perfection and details. In his words; “just find a way to make it better and broader.” Kyambadde is a sticker for every exacting detail. He just doesn’t want to design; he wants to design in ways that speak volumes. He believes, one never has much time to do great things and thus with any design he has, it’s a moment to do great things with such a design. He has that special eye for innovation, creativity and invention. He is pursuing a bachelor’s of Automotive and Power Engineering at the moment. Kyambadde is a serial (and sometimes parallel) entrepreneur and technologist. He takes ideas and turns them into products at an astounding pace. He brings a strong design instinct and a measured approach to rock-solid printing. All in all, Kyambadde is a visionary who see the possibility in every piece of information, and in every conversation. But he goes beyond just seeing possibility – he dares to make it reality.

David M. Wampamba (Chief Operations Officer)

Wampamba holds a Diploma in Computer Software Programming from London Capital College. He also has six years of Experience in Web and Graphic Design and eight years in Software Programming. His humane aspects and love for the people makes him great at managing them. He is a result oriented person. Time has always been his asset and he certainly never wants to waste a client’s time by going beyond deadlines.

Andrew Ssenyange (Chief Finance Officer and Chief Communications Officer)

Ssenyange is a Graduate from Kyambogo University and thus holds a Degree in Biotechnology. Owing to his religious inclination as a Catholic, his great honesty is unchallenged and his oneness when it comes to the negotiations with clients.

Ian Ortega (Chief Advisor)

In 2013, Urban Television rated Ortega as one of those 30 Ugandans under 30 years of age that was worth watching in the next years. From founding the most visited Website in Uganda (www.bigeye.ug) to winning numerous awards for his Entrepreneurship acumen, Ortega is one person every team deserves to have. He’s consulted for many organizations and also written in the Daily Monitor and The Observer Newspapers. He’s currently pursuing another Degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at Kyambogo University and takes time to blog on www.ortegaian.com. He has an eye for the future and for generating strategies that drive companies forward.

Dennis Lubwama (Sales Executive)

He graduated from Kyambogo University with a Bachelor of Economics and Statistics Degree. He is driven by a passion for client Satisfaction. He walks the talk and a good strategist. His life rotates around closing the sale.

Ivan Mutebi (Sales Executive)

He is the combination of a remarkable strategist, an optimist, personality of persistence and great time management. He is the 24-7 sales-hot line of Gagawala as a company. Sales are majorly about relationships and Mutebi has mastered the art of creating and nurturing those relationships with clients. He puts himself in the shoes of the clients and then goes ahead to supply their best solution to their needs, great solutions provided by Gagawala.


“I am convinced that the Great Companies of the Next Generations will be those companies that invest in their employees and their clients and make their satisfaction their priority.”—- Ian Ortega

Our Simplicity: You should choose Gagawala because the bigger we get, the more personal we get, the more we connect with our clients and give them a first impression that counts. As far as fast delivery of quality web design and graphic design is concerned, we are number one.

Our Prices: We offer quality at prices that fit your experience. You pay us to take care of your brand, to make you designs that last. You buy our designs and we pay the price of the process it takes to bring those designs to life

Our Business Model: At Gagawala, we are run by design and ideas not hierarchy. We don’t believe in bureaucratic approaches to business, ours is a relationship-model of a business where we connect to our clients on a wide-dimension.

Our Designs: When it comes to Design in Uganda, we are the yardstick of quality. Ours is not an environment where excellence is in the closet, here, we are driven to expect excellence on everything we work on.

Our designs connect aesthetics with function. Some people think Design is how it looks. At Gagawala, Design is beyond how it looks, it’s much more about how it really works. We connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.

Thus if you want to out designs of excellent quality, if you want to pay just the right price for such designs and get these designs in just the right time, then Gagawala is not just a choice but a MUST. It’s not just an option, it’s the only OPTION.

Our Printing: Our mission in printing is to provide our customers with quality printing solutions. Our desire is to bring excellent service and craftsmanship to each job we do. To achieve that goal, we work closely with each client and tailor our work to suit their individual needs. We want each client to receive unique, individual design and practical, affordable printed materials.